Estate & Gift Tax Valuation Services

RMBV offers a full range of estate and gift and other tax valuation services to assist you in executing tax planning strategies.

Increased IRS scrutiny makes it imperative that tax valuations be expertly performed and thoroughly documented. Supportable conclusions require meticulous due diligence. Additionally, as a practice area, business valuations for tax purposes have seen dramatic (some even say seismic) changes over the past several years. Some of these changes have been spurred by challenges from the IRS; others have resulted from significant advances by the profession’s leading theorists.

We pride ourselves in staying abreast of all the latest changes that impact the tax valuation profession. We know how to interpret and deploy the latest thinking so that we can assure you a state-of-the art appraisal every time.

Why choose Rocky Mountain Business Valuation?

We well know that a well-prepared valuation is a critical element of a successful tax planning strategy. Consequently, our objective, independent valuation opinions are vital to meeting your needs. You will find RMBV’s opinions are well-reasoned and well-documented providing critical support for potential challenges.

A noteworthy consequence of our thorough, well-documented work-product has consistently resulted in acceptance by the IRS and state and local taxing authorities. And too, we work closely with your entire tax planning team – lawyers, accountants, financial planners and management – assuring efficiency and delivery of the highest quality professional services.

Our Estate and Gift Tax Valuation Services professionals are experienced in all facets of valuation and are skilled at providing expert testimony, as required.

RMBV provides the following services related to tax compliance:

  • Determining the value of family limited partnerships & limited liability companies
  • Closely held stock valuations for family wealth planning and estate and gift tax compliance
  • Business valuations for corporate restructurings and related tax planning
  • Executive stock option valuations for tax planning
  • Business & intangible asset valuations in connection with Subchapter S tax status
  • Restricted stock valuations for family wealth planning and estate tax compliance
  • IRC 409a compliance
  • Redeeming shareholders' interests
  • Reorganizing family-owned businesses
  • Minority interest, marketability, blockage and other discounts

Representative Projects & Experience

RMBV has the depth and breadth of experience working with a wide variety of clients – including both public and private companies – across a wide range of industries. The following is a list of representative engagements that are examples of our work in the area of estate and gift tax reporting:

  • Large-scale estates. Provided multiple estate valuation services for a 200+ store regional quick-service restaurant chain, which successfully withstood IRS scrutiny.
  • Complex, multi-layered FLP projects. Estate valuation services for family with over 40 individual family limited partnerships.
  • Creative-solutions. Provided gift tax valuation services for charitable contributions of a legal database donated to various not-for-profit entities.
  • Consultative services. Established the value of a regional heavy-equipment rental company with revenues of approximately $25 million for buy/sell and gift tax purposes.
  • Regulated industries. Established the value of a national nursing staffing agency for tax planning purposes.

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